Get Your Fight Back… You’re Still Undefeated!

I recently received a major blow to my faith. I went through one of the “toughest” battles of my life. I stood on the Word of God, fully believing that I had the victory in the situation. In the end, things did not turn out the way that I’d believed that they would. I walked away (barely) from that battle crushed and confused. I questioned everything.

Through the counsel of Holy Spirit and prayers and support from close sisters and brothers in the faith, along with our great leaders,  I slowly began to bounce back.  However, my faith in that area was still very wounded and I was having a hard time recovering.

I wanted to declare the Word, I wanted to expect, but I struggled to believe again. You see, every time I dared to believe, thoughts would come and suggest things like:

“Why try again? What if it ends up just like last time?”

“What if you lose again?”

“God didn’t help you then, how can you believe that things will be any different?”

“This faith stuff doesn’t really work.”

The thoughts would come and I simply didn’t have the strength or the fight to pull them down from that high place that they were attempting to settle into in my mind. I felt like I didn’t have the strength to fight them with the Word.

Then, a few days ago, I was texting with a dear friend. I was telling her about my struggles to believe God again and she offered me some great words of encouragement. (Thank God for spirit filled friends!)  A few hours later, as I continued to ponder on the words she’d spoken, I reflected on a sermon that I’d listened to a few times while I had been in the battle called, “Turning Your Pressure Into Progress” by Jerry Savelle. It had truly been a blessing to me. While pondering, the Lord interrupted my thoughts and gently whispered, “Get your fight back….” And a few seconds later, “You’re still undefeated.”

“Yes Lord” was the immediate response of my heart, but….I’m still undefeated??? I didn’t feel undefeated. The enemy had literally knocked me out. He’d knocked the breath out of my lungs. He’d won in my eyes. So how was I still undefeated?

But I began to see what the Lord meant. He was saying to me, “The war (fight) is not over.”

In the sport of boxing, there are several rounds. The two fighters may lose some rounds and they may win some rounds; however, all that matters is “who is still standing” in the end. Boxing great, Floyd Mayweather, is undefeated in his boxing career, not because he’s never lost a round, but because he’s never lost a fight.

It works the same in the Kingdom of God. You may have lost a battle, or two, or three…but the important thing is to always get back up and keep fighting! We have the final victory! God has the final say so!

Maybe you feel defeated in the area of health and fitness. Have you given up? Maybe you’ve lost weight and gained it all back (and more), maybe you are having trouble making better nutrition choices, or maybe you have done all that you know to do but you still aren’t seeing results…Whatever it is, I encourage you to get your fight back and finish strong. Start a new training program, start drinking more water, focus on adding more protein and fiber to your diet, or hire a professional to help you if you aren’t sure just what to do. But DO NOT just give up and throw in the towel. Get back in the ring and conquer the feat. Do whatever you need to do to get the victory.  God has already declared you  MORE than a conqueror. He has already affirmed you victorious in Christ Jesus. It’s not over.

It can still happen.

You can still do it.

You can still change.

That thing can still turn around.

The fight is not over…You’re still undefeated.


Blessing in Health & Fitness,

Lakeshia N. Momon, CPT




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    1. Lakeshia Momon says:

      Bless you!


  1. Absolutely wonderful post!!! Thank you for sharing..

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    1. Lakeshia Momon says:

      Praise God! Thank you!


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