STOP Thinking That God Isn’t Mindful of You

Do you sometimes feel like God doesn’t see you? Do you wonder if He even cares about you or the affairs of your life?

If you do, I can relate. I used to feel this way too. Even as a Christian…

For years, God was my creator and Jesus was my savior, but that was about it. I was committed to living my life for Him and I knew that I was a new creation in Him, but that was the length of it.  Maybe you feel this way sometimes?

Well, God is so amazing in so many ways. What I found out is that He truly does love us in ways that we can not imagine. Not only that, but we can actually experience that love here on the Earth. It’s not just a “He loved the whole world” kind of love. It’s an individual, intimate love that is available to all of His children! You can have that love. He wants you to have that love. Because He cares so much about you.

Seeing His Love

One morning a few years ago, after dropping my youngest off at daycare, I started on my route  to work and began to focus my thoughts on the Father. This had become somewhat of a ritual as I would do this almost every weekday during my commute to work. The car, for a couple years, had been my place of solitude with the Father. It had become my main prayer closet. I am a wife and a mother of three young children and we live busy lives. The car simply became the perfect place for me to enjoy consistent intimate time with my Daddy in prayer. 🙂

So this day, as I drove and worshipped, I found myself lost in thoughts of His Greatness. As I marveled in silence, I was amazed by His love for little ole’ me. I was amazed at how a God so big, so majestic, so full of Goodness and Glory, could love each and every one of us individually.


As I continued to travel in awe for a few minutes, His loving presence began to softly saturate me. I began to take notice of the houses as I passed them by. Then my eyes rested on the yards filled with beautiful fall leaves. Hundreds, if not thousands of leaves littered the yards. As I glanced at the leaves the Lord began to speak to me:  “Just as you see the leaves scattered over the land is how I see my people scattered over the Earth. All of different shapes and colors, no two just a like. They are being tossed to and fro, not knowing where they will end up. Yet, every single one of you is important to Me. I am the Leaf Collector. Collecting is my Profession. Only, I do not rake you up into a pile and throw you into a bag to be disposed of like the leaf collectors that you are familiar with. No, I care for each and every one of you just as a baseball card or a coin collector cares for each card and coin- delicately and individually- as if each were worth a fortune…because you are worth a fortune.” Wow! That’s how God looks at us!?

As He spoke these things, I had a vision of a man dressed as a gardener, picking up leaves off the ground, one by one. He would gently clean them off, inspect them and place them in beautiful glass containers. Each one had its own personal container. I believe this signified that each one received it’s own personal attention from the gardener. I could see the joy on this man’s face as he tended to his leaves. I could feel the love he had for each one of his leaves.

You may be saying, “Ok Lakeshia, You’ve lost me now. You are sounding a little crazy comparing us to leaves. What are leaves?”  Well, just as leaves seem unimportant to us, some of us believe that because God is so big, we are unimportant to Him.

Even David said in Psalms 8:3-4:
“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,
What is man that You are mindful of him,
And the son of man that You visit him?”
We are important to God! He desires to be involved in every single part of our lives. Not for what we can give Him, but because of what He can give us.

Receiving His Love

If you’ve had trouble receiving the Fathers love, I encourage you to make a decision today to yield your mind and heart over to Him. Ask Him to heal you completely in those areas that may be hindering you from receiving His love. There could be years and years of incorrect thinking residing in your mind concerning what true love is. Also, it’s important to release any unforgiveness that you may be harboring. Unforgiveness can stop the flow of love. At the time of this writing, I’ve been saved for 12 years. However, it was only about 5 years ago that I began to grasp His true love for me. It was not until I caught the revelation of Him as my Father, not just my God. I began to cry out to Him  for a deeper relationship with Him. I began to intentionally call Him “Abba” during my prayer times.  This helped me to start seeing Him as my Father. And because my perception of Him began to change, I was able to receive His love, His healing and  His restoration in my life. Our relationship quickly went from being impersonal to intimate!

God is not like man. Don’t make the mistake of comparing His love to the distorted love of man. Ask Him to open your spiritual eyes and began to reveal the depth of HIS love for you, because He loves you more than you know. 🙂

Blessings in Health and Fitness,
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