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We caught up with Edie Wilborn, Zumba Instructor and owner of Zumba with Edie, for an interview on this week’s Faith & Fitness Spotlight. Edie is doing great things in health and fitness and we wanted to hear from her.



Name:  Edie Wilborn

Age:  46

Location:  Memphis, TN


Administrator at Divine Life Church

Certified Zumba Instructor

Licensed Cosmetologist of 27 years

Family Life: Single mother of two; Candace will be 27 next week (2/19) and C.J. is 7 years old. I am the oldest of 3 children.


What motivated you to become a fitness professional?

My dad was always physically fit. He worked out and maintained a balanced diet.  I was no stranger to fitness, but had fallen off.  Several years ago, a friend invited me to a Zumba fitness class and I instantly fell in love with it. After a few classes, I knew I wanted to teach it.

You lead a busy life, how do you find time to invest in your own health?

I’m intentional about making time for myself- and that includes my health. I realize that my body is the temple of Holy Spirit and that He lives there. I have a responsibility to take care of my body. If I don’t make time, it won’t just happen. I put myself on a tight schedule. After I drop my son off at school, I head straight to the gym to workout before I go in to my job. Meal planning is a must. Work and school uniforms are ironed/prepared for the week ahead to make the process a little smoother.

What is something that you’ve accomplished that you’re really proud of?

I’m proud of myself for setting a goal to become a Zumba Instructor and actually doing it. In addition to teaching Zumba, I work out with a virtual trainer or fitness app in a 12 week program.  Right now I’m 8 weeks in.  Though I haven’t completed the program, I am proud of my drive and the progress that I’m seeing thus far. I’m stronger. I’m losing weight. I feel amazing!14907021_1334246816586084_3179542615960817880_n

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now:

  1. Work It by D.J.Funk
  2. Give In by Lecrae featuring Crystal Nicole
  3. P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson featuring, 25th Anniversary Thriller, Deluxe Edition



Favorite Scripture:

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. – Luke 1:45





Favorite Meal: Grilled salmon, steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato.

What’s on the horizon for Zumba with Edie? I’ll be working on a cookbook of healthy and tasty meals and a blog. Stay tuned…

What are 3 words that best describe you? Sweet, Funny, Creative


Why do you feel it’s important for the Body of Christ to be mindful of their health & fitness?

We need to be fit and healthy to do our part to carry out God’s
purpose and destiny in the Kingdom. For those of us who may be dealing with health challenges, we need to be mindful that while we can believe God for
healing; because He is a healer, we also know that faith without works is

What inspires/motivates you? My children.  I want to live or be the example I want to set for them.  The other women who may be watching my life.



How do you incorporate your faith into your fitness/business?

My having a relationship with Jesus is everything. I seek ways to bring Him glory and He is invited into every aspect of my life. Holy Spirit gives the inspiration for my fitness and business so it’s all ministry for me. God has given me a platform to uplift, encourage and build people up.

You love to cook. Can you share one of your favorite recipes with us?

Veggie Chili

32 oz. Low Sodium Tomato Juice

1 – 2 – 16 oz. bag frozen corn (I typically use 2)

2 – 15oz. cans of Tri-Blend Beans (drained)

1 – 15 oz. can of Diced Tomatoes

Optional: 2 cups Gardein Meatless Ground Beef Crumbles

You may use 2 pkg. of your favorite chili mix or

1 Onion (diced)

2 Minced cloves of Garlic

2 Tablespoons of Chili powder

2 Teaspoons of Cumin

Combine all ingredients in a large pot and cook on med heat, stirring occasionally for about an hour. You may also combine all ingredients and place in a crock pot and cook on low overnight so that you awaken to the lovely aroma of veggie chili.

Once done, you may garnish with fresh cilantro, cheese, sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.


What advice would you give to those who are struggling with health/fitness?

You have to start somewhere. Find the thing that drives or triggers you and let it motivate you. It’s sort of like that phrase, “Let your haters be your motivators.” For me it was making a declaration that the health issues in my generation or bloodline (high blood pressure/hypertension, diabetes, etc.) would not filter their way to me.


Favorite exercise/lift: Wide Stance Barbell Squat

Where can we find you on a sunny Saturday morning?

On a soccer field, basketball court, football field or softball field depending on the season on sports for C.J. If not there, you may find me roaming the streets of Memphis, Olive Branch or Southaven, MS looking for bargains on anything from kitchen gadgets to fitness gear.

Where can we find you on a rainy Saturday evening?

At home watching a movie or working on my laptop doing something business-related.

Favorite Dessert: Red Velvet Cake

Where do you worship? Divine Life Church in Memphis, TN


Whe13235162_1707247952878100_2025462681050449338_ore can we find you training?


Planet Fitness and at home


I hold Zumba classes at Spencer’s Total Fitness in Memphis, TN; Tuesdays @ 6 p.m.

Where can we connect with you on Social Media?

Facebook @Zumba with Edie

Instagram @Zumba with Edie


Upcoming Events:

Dance in the Name of Love at Spencer’s Total Fitness!


Admission is only $5

Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at


Thanks for the Interview Edie Wilborn!


Author: Lakeshia Momon

Health & Fitness Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. Owner at KingdomFit Training. Author. I help the body of Christ get fit for Kingdom Duty.

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