5 Ways Busy Entrepreneurs & Leaders Can Get & Stay Fit

In order to be good stewards of our bodies as the Bible instructs us, our health must be a priority. The way that we take care of our bodies will spill over into our businesses, our ministries, our home life, our relationships, etc. because our health affects us and how we do life in many ways.

Chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are on the rise in the United States. However, they can be largely preventable by simply making better lifestyle choices. As an entrepreneur or ministry leader, you don’t need diseases, health conditions and low energy holding you back from doing what God has called you to do.


Some benefits of proper nutrition and physical activity are weight loss & maintenance, positive mood, more energy, reduced stress, improved sleep, decreased injury and pain and reduced depression and anxiety.

Below are 5 easy ways that busy entrepreneurs and leaders can get and stay fit for an overall better quality of life, which will in turn lead to a greater and longer impact for the Kingdom of God.

1. Move Every.Single.Day.

As a busy professional, your schedule can be inconsistent and demanding. I understand. Because of this, it can be hard to schedule in 60 minute sweat sessions at the gym a few days a week. However, what you CAN do is get in bits of exercise throughout the day, everyday.  As long as your aren’t trying to be a body builder or run a marathon, the important thing is to get active. Aim to get up from your desk and take a quick walk at least once per hour. Hammer out some pushups a few times a day. Use your lunch break to take a quick 15 minute walk. Park your car further from the entrance…You get the idea. Just start moving.

Think: What are some ways that you can sneak in some physical activity throughout your day?

2. Stop Saying That You Don’t Have Time

 The reality is that most of us can squeeze in exercise by rearranging, eliminating some things that are less important and by simply saying “NO” to people and things that aren’t high on our priorities list. Your health should be high on that list.

After you have made a commitment to move everyday, now, at the very least, start with 2 actual programmed workouts per week. But don’t waste your precious exercise time doing things that aren’t going to get you the best bang for your body.

If you are looking to blast fat and change the overall shape of your body, weight lifting is the #1 way to accomplish this. If programmed properly, a couple of weight sessions in the gym or at home per week can yield amazing results over time.


2. Nail Your Diet

Diet plays an important role in our overall health and wellness. This is why it is important to make healthy food choices. Here are some simple nutritional guidelines for fat loss and weight control:

  • Make small decreases in food and beverage calories (along with the increase of physical activity)
  • Include protein, carbohydrates and fat throughout the day and at each meal.
  • Don’t neglect fiber- choose whole grains and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables over refined grains and simple sugars.
  • Avoid as much as possible, empty calories and highly processed foods (they contain many calories but very little nutritional value)
  • Drink plenty of water


3. Stay Accountable

Choose several people (at least 3), that you respect to hold you accountable. Call, text, or send them a note and let them know that you are making efforts to live a KingdomFit Life  and request their help holding you accountable. Each of them will have a different influence over you helping you to take action.

 Accountability must be regular and reliable in order for it to work. It needs to be a part of your schedule. Set designated days and times with them to check in.

Get accountability from someone who can give you honest perspective. You want people who have been there and done that or something similar.

A coach is another great source of accountability. As a coach, I have seen extraordinary results in the lives of the people that I work with. If you’ve ever thought about having a fitness coach, KingdomFit Coaching may be a great option for you.

Find out more about what we offer here: http://www.kingdomfitlife.com


4. Get Rest

I know, it sounds like I just sweared right there, right? I know that you may think that rest is for the afterlife, but unless you want to reach that afterlife sooner than scheduled, you need to get some rest now, in this life.

Rest and adequate sleep are VITAL to a healthy life. Rest improves mood, energy, brain functionality, and overall quality of life.

Did you know that a lack of sleep can actually hinder your weight loss efforts?

Here are some quick statistics:

  • Those who don’t get enough sleep are 50% more likely to be obese.
  • People who sleep more than 7 hours  per night are more likely to lose weight.
  • Lack of adequate sleep causes your body to hold on to fat tissue and lose muscle.
  • A lack of sleep actually increases your appetite.

*Information from studies conducted by Canadian Medical Association Journal.

As you become more active, it is really imperative that you get enough rough as you your best progress is made during periods of sleep and when you allow your body to repair itself.

An easy way to get in more rest is to set a bedtime. Turn off the T.V., computer, tablets and phones at least an hour before your scheduled bedtime for a quality night’s sleep.

Tackle these 5 things are you will be well on your way to getting and staying KingdomFit!

Blessings in Health & Fitness,

Lakeshia Momon, CPT/Fitness Coach

Interested in joining a community of Kingdom Entrepreneurs & Leaders who are dedicated to getting Fit for Kingdom Duty? Request to join our new Facebook group by clicking the picture below!





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