Get Your Fight Back… You’re Still Undefeated!

I recently received a major blow to my faith. I went through one of the “toughest” battles of my life. I stood on the Word of God, fully believing that I had the victory in the situation. In the end, things did not turn out the way that I’d believed that they would. I walked…

Are Condiments Killing Your Diet?

Condiments: The colorful, delicious, flavorful add ons that bring so much life to any dish. Okay, so that may not be the true definition of condiments, but it sure does sum up how I feel about them!  Condiments can quickly turn a sad meal happy with just a few dips, drizzles or a thin spread.

The Will to Change

I was thinking about a friend the other day, concerning their health and fitness, and my heart just begin to break. Now understand, my thinking was not judgemental. God has placed a passion in my heart to help believers live a life of health and fitness. It’s about more than just losing weight and looking…

Fast & Pray to Stay Spiritually Fit

The beginning of the year is often a time for personal and corporate fasting for Christians across the nation. As we set sail into the new year, fasting is a great opportunity to deny the pleasures of the flesh and pursue the Lord. It’s a time set aside to seek the Father for divine direction…

4 Ways You Can Resolve to Commit in 2017

It’s the beginning of the year and many of us have a long list of New Year Resolutions. “Spend more time with my family.” “Join a Gym- Lose 20 lbs”